Pref 5: Best Friend With the Mum and he get jealous

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Every since you came to meet his mom, you clicked so well that you guys would go out everywhere. Liam would get a bit jealous. “Honey, have you seen my black clutch.” You shouted to Liam as you searched for it in your bedroom. “No but may I ask where you are heading off to?” He questioned you as he entered the room. “I am heading off to dinner with your Mum.” You said as you into your closet and looked for it in a box of filled with many bags. “Again.” He said with a bit of annoyance. “Is some jealous of his own mother.” You tauntingly spoke to him. “No but you spend so much time with her.” You smiled at him. “Its okay honey. I just like spending time with your mother. I have no one to talk but her and I do need some girl time.” You explained to him as you spotted your clutch from underneath your bed. “Well I should get going. You mum should be at the restaurant now.

Finally arriving into your destination. You saw his mother waiting for you in the entrance. “Karen!” You shouted to her as you gave the valet your key. “Someone took long.” She joked as she pulled you into a warm hug. “Your son was getting a bit jealous that I came to eat with you.” You told her as you both entered to be awaited for a table. “That son of mine. What can I do with him.” She said to you.



"Harry, I’m going out." You quickly told him as you gave a kiss on his cheek. "To where?" He asked you as he turned around from his computer chair. "Oh, I’m going shopping with your mother silly. I do recall telling you last week." You said to him as he was a young child. "Mhmm don’t remember. Well don’t take long cause when your with my mom you seem to forget me." He said as he turned back around. "Don’t be like that Harry. You know that I love you but I do miss hanging out with my friends which I did leave to come here with you." You told him with a bit of an attitude. "I’m sorry sweetie. Its that the last time we hung out for a day was like two weeks ago. "Well, I promise it will be just the two of us tomorrow." You told him as you walked towards him as pulled him into a quick hug until you heard a honk. "Well that’s your mom. Love you." you shouted to him as you walked out the door.

"Nice seeing you Anne." You began as you got into the car. "Good seeing you too Y/N." She spoke as she drove out the driveway. "Can’t wait to go shopping. I’ve been eyeing some shoes that I wanted to buy. Harry tried to buy them for me but I told him no. I wanted to buy them with my own money." you babbled on. "You know that’s why I like you. You don’t love Harry for being Harry Styles. You love him for Harry." She stated as soon you stopped talking. "Well its his cheekiness that got me." You joked as you both got out the car. 



"Lou does your mother like apple pie?" You questioned Louis as you walked out the kitchen with a pie in your hand. "I think." He responded as he turned away from the television. "Okay. Does this outfit look good?" You questioned him again. "Yes. Why?" He finally questioned you. "Well your mother and I are going to hang and have some tea." You told him. "Am I invited?" He said as he got up. "Nope. Your mum and I are the only that are going to be there." You told him as you grabbed your bag. "I feel as my mum replaced me for you." He mumbled as he sat back down. "Don’t get jealous Louis. Sooner or later management will replace you with me," you joked as you walked to the front door, "See you later babe."

Arriving to Jay’s house was a bit of a difficulty since their were paparazzi in front of your car through out the drive. Finally making towards the front door, you knocked and quickly Jay was at the door. “Y/n come on in.” She said as she puled you in. “How was your drive here?” She added as you both sat down with your tea. “It was easy the issue was leaving the house. Your some was bombarding me with questions on why he wasn’t allowed to come. He added that you are replacing him with me.” You answered as you she drank her tea. “Lou. What can you do with without him.” She expressed as you both continued to talk.



"Heading out. Do you want anything from when I come back?" You exclaimed to Niall as you adjusted you sandals in the living room. "Yeah. Bring me some McDonald’s please?"He said as he come out the dinning room. "Alright. I’ll call you when I get your food." You explained to him as  began to walk out the room. "One more thing." He exclaimed.  "Where are you going?" He complained. "Out for brunch." You replied as you continued to walk. "With .." "Your mum, Niall." You shouted to him before he finished his question. "Alright no need to yell but again you were with her yesterday." He complained. "Well I have no one to talk to here." You blurted as you walked out the flat.

Coming into the diner with a frown Maura knew something was up. “Whats wrong Y/N? Your never sad.” She notified as you both sat down. “Niall was bothering me on why I hang out with yous. As if were going crazy out in the clubs. I just came to have some nice brunch with his mother and that’s what going to happen.” You announced. ‘Okay calm down sweetie and give him a call.” She told you as she handed you your bag. After the apologizing talk with Niall, everything was settled down. “See that was what you needed.” Maura cheered as you sat down. “Thank you.” You noted down to her.



Out shopping with Patricia was the activity you both did towards the weekend ever since you both met. Here and then the girls would come but you two never missed it. “Zayn, hand me your scarf. Your mother has called me twice already.” You nagged at him. “I want you to stay here.” He pleaded to you. “Zayn you know I had never missed shopping day with you mom now give it to me.” You informed him as you yanked it out of his hand. “Fine.” He shouted as he fled the room. Walking out the house you headed towards the mall.

"Tricia do you think we can cut this trip short." you pleaded to her as you were in the second store. "Why?" She asked you. "Well Zayn is mad at me because I came shopping with you." You explained to her as you both sat on a bench. "Its okay sweetie but lets make up with some dinner at my house. Bring Zayn." She said as you both headed of to your car.

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